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Miss Megan Williams


The New York DeMolay Sweetheart program is a way for young ladies to support the DeMolay members. While only young men between the ages of 12 and 21 can be members, each Chapter, Region, and State may elect a Sweetheart to assist them in their endeavors. They attend social activities and fundraisers, participate in raising funds for the local and state charities, and travel around the state making new friends and learning more about DeMolay. They also serve as a liaison between DeMolay and the Masonic youth groups for girls, both the Organization of Triangles, Inc. and New York Rainbow. The Sweethearts encourage interaction between all three youth groups and help the collective members to support one another.

The State Sweetheart works with the Sweetheart Director to promote and raise money for the state charity while traveling around the state and speaking at various functions throughout her term. She also plans the Sweetheart dances which occur during the state New York DeMolay functions such as the Grand Master's Class and State Convention.






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