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Why should I be a DeMolay Advisor?


While DeMolay is an organization for young men, it wouldn’t exist without the presence of adult volunteers to serve asAdvisorcollage1 Advisors on the Chapter, Region, and State level of each jurisdiction. Being an Advisor on a Chapter level allows you to interact directly with the members to serve as a mentor and guide as the Brothers grow from Boyhood to Manhood. By helping to teach the members lessons in public speaking, how to run a meeting, how to plan a term and its events, how to network with members of other organizations and the community, how to be a role model to other members, and how to be an upstanding citizen, not only do the members gain from this interaction, but so do the Advisors.

Helping to coach an uncertain, shy young man into becoming a confident adult is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an Advisor. Members are often told, “you get out of DeMolay what you put into it,” but this also holds true for its adult volunteers. The more time spent with the members, the more you learn as new ideas are suggested and carried out.


What do Advisors do?

Advisors take on several responsibilities to see to the leadership growth of the DeMolay members. First and foremost, they see to the safety and well-being of their members. At each activity, each meeting, an Advisor (and an appropriate Advisor-to-DeMolay ratio) must be present. They ensure all guests attending meetings are vouched for and follow Youth Protection guidelines to foster a safe environment for the members to grow in.

From there, Advisors can take on different roles within a Chapter.

Chapter Advisor: Is responsible for overseeing work done by the Master Councilor and Chapter members. This can include assisting with term plans, coaching members through event/fundraising preparations, teaching public speaking, and serving as the go-to Advisor for the Chapter. Overall, he or she is responsible for overseeing the work of the Chapter.

Advisory Council Chairman: As the Chapter Advisor oversees the young men, the Advisory Council Chairman oversees the Chapter’s group of Advisors. He runs the Advisory Council meetings and ensures proper paperwork of all Advisors are filled out and returned in a timely manner. Advisory Council meetings are held regularly to keep everyone on the same page and ensure everyone is working together to reach the Chapter’s goals.

Financial Advisor: This Advisor, or group of Advisors, works to keep track of the Chapter’s funds. Accurate records are to be kept and any reimbursements brought forward during a meeting are to be given out in a timely manner.

In addition, Chapters can have a Ritual Advisor to specifically assist members with their memorization and public speaking skills, an Awards Advisor to track points earned by members to attain merit bars in a number of categories and see that they are awarded in a timely manner, and a Publicity Advisor to promote the good works of the members and to maintain communication with other Chapters and organizations through the use of a website, meeting notices, or social media accounts. Other responsibilities can be designated by the Chapter Advisor and Advisory Council Chairman.


Advisors also double as chaperones and drivers to allow members to travel to other Chapter, Region, and State functions. Assistance may be given during events and fundraising in the form of creating raffle tickets, cooking, serving, or offering assistance as required by the members.


Advisorcollage2Who can be an Advisor?

An Advisor can be any adult over the age of 21 who passes through the Advisor application and training process. Both men and women serve as Advisors on the Chapter, Region, and State levels. No Masonic membership or prior DeMolay experience is required.


How can I become an Advisor?

In order to be an Advisor, an application must be filled out and sent to the Advisory Council Chairman for the Chapter you wish to join. If applying for a Chapter that has not yet been created, applications will then go to the Executive Officer. An application fee must accompany the form to pay for the required background check needed for the application to be approved.

In addition to passing the background check, each Advisor must complete the Advisor Training Course as mandated by DeMolay International. The course may be taken online or in a classroom setting and covers a variety of topics from how to mentor DeMolay members to Youth Protection policies to addressing safety issues of the members. This course need only be taken once, but must be completed before becoming an Advisor. The online training course can be found on our website under Resources- DAD Training.

As an Advisor, individuals will be called “Dad” or “Mom” followed by their last name. This is done as distinction to be recognized as an Advisor and as a token of respect by the members.



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