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Why should I join DeMolay?


DeMolay is for those who want to learn how to be a better person and how to apply those lessons to their everyday lives while having fun and making friends for life in the process. Leadership skills such as public speaking, addressing a room, running a meeting, turning ideas into action, serving as a mentor to others, and representing something larger than yourself are taught through DeMolay with a hands-on approach.

In DeMolay, the youth members, not the adults, vote on who their representatives will be on the Chapter, Region, and State level. The youth members, not the adults, run the meetings and are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. With that in mind, the Advisors do play an active role in helping to guide the young men of DeMolay through the organization’s teachings and take on multiple roles as chaperones, drivers, mentors, coaches, chefs, and more. But ultimately, the members themselves run the show.

DeMolay allows multiple opportunities for its members to voice their opinions. No matter what your age, background, or beliefs may be, members are all seen as equals and each has an opportunity to speak and be heard in a very productive way.

Most importantly, DeMolay is fun. With events held on the Chapter, Region, and State level, there is always something going on from a simple meeting, to a hockey game, to a dance, to a State Convention. Members are encouraged to travel with their Chapters and meet other young men like themselves to establish what can become life-long friendships. These bonds can turn a friend into a Brother.


How would DeMolay teach me to become a better leader and a better man?


DeMolay.formalDeMolay has a very specific way it teaches its leadership skills and lessons. The organization focuses on seven lessons, or the Seven Cardinal Virtues of a DeMolay. They are Filial Love (Love of Parents), Reverence for Sacred Things (Respect for things you feel are important, or for things others feel are important.), Courtesy (treating others with kindness and respect), Comradeship (Friendship), Fidelity (Being true to your friends and beliefs), Cleanness (in thought, word and deed), and Patriotism (love of country).

When a member joins, he learns more about these seven virtues and how to apply them towards membership in the organization and in real life experiences. The more active a member is in DeMolay, the more he learn from these lessons and the greater his leadership abilities become. During membership, there are opportunities to put these lessons into practice until it becomes second nature for a member to exemplify these seven virtues. As a member gets older, he then becomes the example for others to follow and may rise through the ranks to take on leadership roles in his Chapter, Region, and State all before he turns 21 years of age.


What types of activities do DeMolays participate in?


Outside of regular meetings, which are generally held twice a month, a DeMolay Chapter will have a number of events planned throughout each term of office. Fundraisers such as dinners, auctions, clothing and food collections, and car washes take place along with community service projects like volunteering to clean up a park, helping out at a soup kitchen, visiting a nursing home, or helping a neighbor in need.

Of course, DeMolays know how to have fun, too. With activities like dances, video game tournaments, bowling, trips to sports events, movie nights, laser tag, mini golf, go-cart racing, and so much more, there is no shortage of laughter and enjoyment. In short, the members decide what they want to do and then go out and do it. DeMolay is whatever you want it to be.



How can I join DeMolay?


To join DeMolay, you must be a young man between the ages of 12 and 21, believe in a Supreme Being, and be a person of good character and good reputation. If you meet these requirements, simply fill out a petition for membership and submit it to the Chapter nearest you. Use our contact form to ask for the address of the nearest Chapter Advisor.

While DeMolay does ask members to believe in a Supreme Being, it is not itself a religious organization. It simply promotes the belief in a higher power, whatever that may be, and to have faith. Members from all religious backgrounds have joined DeMolay around the world and continue to do so.

Members are also eligible for scholarship opportunities and can go on to achieve a number of awards and special recognitions for their contribution to the organization, its members, and the community at large.




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