New York DeMolay Centennial Convention

Camp Turk, Woodgate NY

 August 10‐13, 2019


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Where: This year’s convention is being held at Camp Turk at 6461 Round Lake Rd, Woodgate, NY 13494. Camp Turk is owned by the Grand Lodge of New York that they are permitting us to use. Being at a camp means that there are certain things that will be different about this year’s event. Please read through this list of need to know.

When: Convention begins on Saturday August 10th. Registration begins at 3PM Saturday afternoon. The first session is at 5:30PM. You cannot arrive earlier than 3PM on Saturday due to other camp programs and events. Check out is Tuesday August 13th at 11AM and need to be cleared by 11:30.

Activities: This year we will have a variety of different sports, ritual contests, leadership presentations, and a trip to water safari. Your State Master Councilor and his convention planning team have put together some great ideas and programs.

What if it rains? Water Safari is weather dependent, and while we hope for a sunny day, we have developed a contingency plan of activities at the camp.

Sleep gear: The camp has twin sized beds so you need those sheets or a sleeping bag please also bring a pillow.

Dress Code: In year’s past we have had formal business meetings where DeMolays, Advisors and Guests are required to dress up in suit or jacket. Because we are at a camp site the dress code is relaxed.

               Saturday: Casual, shorts or jeans and a tee shirt are acceptable, no un-DeMolay graphics or language on the shirts.

               Sunday: During the day athletic and swimwear is fine, along with a tee shirt or polo. For the installation, we are asking that attendees wear dressier shorts and the convention provided DeMolay Polo

               Monday: casual clothes, swim trunks for Water Safari and modest swim wear for female the evening shorts and a tee shirt is fine.

               Tuesday: Casual clothes

What to pack:
- Clean Clothes for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at least:
               Four pairs of shorts and shirts (polos or Tees)
               Athletic shorts and tee shirt
               For Sunday night: Nice looking shorts and a polo
               appropriate undergarments and socks (please plan on extra socks!)

- Though August, the Adirondacks can get cool at night so a sweatshirt is recommended
- Sports bottle that you can re-fill for water
- Modest swim wear for Water Safari
- Deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletry items
- Sleeping bag, or sheets and a blanket
- A pillow
- Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
- Rain gear like an umbrella and a poncho
- DeMolay Ritual Book
- Towel for Water Safari and showering
- No more than $40 for DeMolay and More Store and Water Safari
- Sunglasses
- Alarm Clock
- Mosquito or Bug spray
- Hat or other head covering
- DeMolay Ritual (if you have one)

What NOT to Pack
- Please leave video game systems, TVs and other electronics home.
- Food: We will have snacks and food available for you. Foods and drinks create problems for the local wildlife.
- Anything prohibited including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.