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State Advisory Committee

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Executive Officer

Dad Bruce Hazard



Deputy Executive Officer

Dad Eddie Callaghan


Dad Callaghan joined DeMolay in 1976, is a Senior DeMolay from Wantagh Chapter #1986 which was located in Bellmore, NY and a Past Master Councilor [1980]. He served New York DeMolay as the Metropolitan Region Master Councilor in 1983-84, and as the Metropolitan Region Chapter Advisor from 1994-1997. Dad Callaghans DeMolay honors include, the Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award, Representative DeMolay, Blue Honor Key [with star], Chevalier, Cross of Honor, and Active Legion of Honor. In addition, he is a member of the Wantagh Chapter Advisory Council, a founding member and Past Grand Commander of the Metropolitan Region Court of Chevaliers, Secretary for the Metropolitan Preceptory, DeMolay Legion of Honor, and serves as the Masonic Liaison on the Senior Advisory Council for The Organization of Triangles, Inc. As a Master Mason since 1984, he is a member of Spartan Lodge #956. He is excited moving forward by serving New York DeMolay as a Deputy Executive Officer.


State Chapter Dad

Dad Bill Williams


Dad Williams is a Senior DeMolay from Mohawk Valley Chapter in Utica, NY. He joined DeMolay in October 1985 and became Master Councilor in October 1987. went on to serve NY DeMolay as a Region Master Councilor, State Junior and Senior Councilors. While an active DeMolay he received the Representative DeMolay Award, the Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award, and the Degree of Chevalier. He also completed the Leadership Correspondence Courses and earned numerous merit bars. As an Advisor he has been awarded the Cross of Honor and the Legion of Honor. Including being the State Director of Education/Awards, Dad Williams is currently the Chapter Advisor of Washington Chapter in Saratoga Springs, NY and Chapter Advisor for the Excelsior Priory. He has served previously as Chapter Advisor of St Andrews Chapter in Amsterdam, NY and Westhampton Chapter in Richmond, VA. As State Director of Education/Awards he oversees the Leadership Correspondence Courses, the Representative DeMolay and Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award programs and the Chapter of Excellence program.


Four Rivers Region Governor

Dad Bruce Hazard


Dad Bruce Hazard


Metropolitan Region Master Governor

Dad Bruce Brandt


Dad Brandt joined Wantagh Chapter #1986 in May of 1968 and served as Master Councilor from March to October in 1973. He received the Degree of Chevalier in 1975 and served Metro Region as Nassau Section Deputy Regioin Master Councilor from 1974-75 and as Region Program Director from 1975-76. He became an Advisor of Wantagh Chapter in 1976 and was appointed Nassau Section Dad from 1976-78. Dad Brandt has held every position as an Advisor for this chapter from Chairman to Chapter Dad. In 1984 he received the Cross of Honor and in 1998 received the Legion of Honor. He was one of the founding members of the Metropolitan Court of Chevaliers. He currently serves DeMolay as Chapter Dad for Wantagh Chapter and Region Governor for the Metropolitan Region. Dad Brandt is also a member of Wantagh Morton Lodge #63 and served as Worshipful Master 1992-93 and again 2002-03. He was appointed Assistant Grand Lecturer 2008-10 for the First Nassau Masonic District and has served as the Youth Chairman for the district as well. As Metropolitan Region Governor he has worked with the Metro Executive Committee and the Chapter Dads in the region to have many successful events and promote growth.


Lakes Region Governor

Dad Gary Burke

 gburkeJustin Lunna

Gary Burke


State Director of Education

Dad David Scheider


David Scheider


State Director of Ritual

Dad Craig Riha


Dad Craig joined Charles W. Taylor #2944 in Patchogue NY upon its reorganization in September 1996. He has served Master Councilor of “C.W.,” Metropolitan Division Master Councilor and State Senior Councilor of New York DeMolay. While an active DeMolay, Dad Craig received the Blue Honor Key, the Representative DeMolay Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Degree of Chevalier. He is a MATOC certified degree judge. As State Ritual Advisor, he is eager to help reinvigorate the love of, and pride for, our Order’s magnificent ritual among our chapters and members. In 2009, he joined Smithtown Lodge #1127. And whatever you do, please don’t call him Dad Riha… that’s his father!


State Congress Advisor

Dad Michael Hernandez


Dad Hernandez is a Senior DeMolay from St. Andrews Chapter #500 in Amsterdam, New York. He is a Past-Master Councilor, Past-Hudson Valley Division Councilor and served as State Master Councilor of New York from 2010-2011. Dad Hernandez’s honors and awards include: the Lamp of Knowledge, the Representative DeMolay Award, the Founder’s Membership Award, the Blue Honor Key, the Distinguished Service Award, the Degree of Chevalier, and he was the Charter Recipient of the York-Rite DeMolay Award. He is a member of St. Georges Lodge #6 F. & A.M. and is a member of Eastern Star, Royal Arch and Cryptic Council, all of which meet in Schenectady, New York. Dad Hernandez currently serves as the State Chapter Congress Advisor and is the Grand Commander of the Hudson Valley Court of Chevaliers. As the Congress Advisor, Dad Hernandez works with the delegates of the Congress to ensure that the officers of the State Chapter are informed about the needs of their members and are responsive to those needs.


State Deputy Congress Advisor

Dad Anthony Cucci


Dad Cucci




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