DeMolay Alumni Association is open to all DeMolay Alumni, Past DeMolay Sweethearts,

DeMolay Parents and Friends of NY DeMolay Association.


 When members turn 21 years of age, thus having reached their majority, they are no longer considered active members of the Order of DeMolay. That does not, however mean that the teachings of the Order go away.


Majority members, or Senior DeMolays, go on to accomplish great things after their membership thanks in part to the lessons they have learned in their youth. By learning what it takes to be a leader early on, they are able to apply those lessons towards their education and their careers. By mastering the art of public speaking, they are able to communicate effectively to everyone they meet. By learning the importance of helping your community and reaching out to your fellow man, they are able to direct their efforts in ways that benefit everyone around them.


In short, NY DeMolay alumni are more prepared to interact with the real world and face any challenges that may arise head on. Our Senior DeMolays and Past Sweethearts have gone on to purue careers as policemen, firemen, teachers, lawyers, professionals in the corporate world, nurses, team members of nonprofit organizations, and have even served our country in various branches of our Nation's military. And that's just scratching the surface.

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NY DeMolay Hall of Fame

In 2003, the New York DeMolay Alumni Association created the NY DeMolay Hall of Fame. As it states on our plaque, "The principle mission of the Hall of Fame is to recognize New York State DeMolay Alumni and Advisors who have embraced the ideals of DeMolay and have excelled in either professional or fraternal pursuits."

Each time inductees are selected, the Alumni Association will hold a Ruby and Pearl banquet where the induction ceremony will take place.