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DeMolay is a youth driven nonprofit organization for young men ages 12-21. Founded in 1919, New York DeMolay works to bring together young men in helping the community, fostering connections and building leadership skills. Upon membership, DeMolays learn the importance of cleanliness, comradeship, courtesty, fidelity, filial love, patriotism and reverence for sacred things. Through enduring committment, members of DeMolay have the opportunity to move up through the ranks, gain recognition and develop lifelong friendships.

Dad William Sardone
 William Sardone


Dad Sardone is a Senior DeMolay from Equality Chapter, New York City. In 1968 he was the First State Master Councilor of the combined Eastern and Western Jurisdictions
He is a Past Master of Composite and Equality Lodges in the Bronx and New York City as well as Honorary Member of two Lodges. Dad Sardone was in the NY Grand Line and is currently the Chairman of the NY Long Range Planning Committee.
He is also a member of many Concordant Bodies and has many DeMolay Awards as a DeMolay and as an Adult Advisor.
Dad Sardone is retired from the US Army. Between Active Duty and Reserve time, he dedicated over 30 years to the Military and concluded his career with numerous commendations as the Chief Instructor of Communications. Simultaneously Dad Sardone maintained a career with AT&T and after beginning as a lineman he retired as an Executive with over 30 years service.
As the NY Executive Officer, Dad Sardone continually builds a team that is passionate, dedicated and devoted to assisting the young men who join DeMolay. Leadership, Brotherhood and Friendship are some of our core values that build on our 7 Cardinal Virtues.



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