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DeMolay is a youth driven nonprofit organization for young men ages 12-21. Founded in 1919, New York DeMolay works to bring together young men in helping the community, fostering connections and building leadership skills. Upon membership, DeMolays learn the importance of cleanliness, comradeship, courtesty, fidelity, filial love, patriotism and reverence for sacred things. Through enduring committment, members of DeMolay have the opportunity to move up through the ranks, gain recognition and develop lifelong friendships.

New York DeMolay

State Advisory Committee

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Executive Officer

Dad William Sardone



Deputy Executive Officer

Dad Eddie Callaghan



State Chapter Dad

Dad Bill Williams



Four Rivers Region Governor

Dad Bruce Hazard



Metropolitan Region Governor

Dad Bruce Brandt



Lakes Region Governor

Dad Gary Burke



State Director of Education

Dad David Schneider



State Director of Ritual

Dad Craig Riha



State Director of New Chapter Development

Dad Ed Bartels



State Legal Advisor

Dad Jeff McMorris



State Congress Advisor

Dad Michael Hernandez



State Deputy Congress Advisor

Dad Anthony Cucci



Dad Bruce Hazard
 Dad Bruce Hazard

Bruce Hazard
Dad William Sardone
 William Sardone


Dad Sardone is a Senior DeMolay from Equality Chapter, New York City. In 1968 he was the First State Master Councilor of the combined Eastern and Western Jurisdictions
He is a Past Master of Composite and Equality Lodges in the Bronx and New York City as well as Honorary Member of two Lodges. Dad Sardone was in the NY Grand Line and is currently the Chairman of the NY Long Range Planning Committee.
He is also a member of many Concordant Bodies and has many DeMolay Awards as a DeMolay and as an Adult Advisor.
Dad Sardone is retired from the US Army. Between Active Duty and Reserve time, he dedicated over 30 years to the Military and concluded his career with numerous commendations as the Chief Instructor of Communications. Simultaneously Dad Sardone maintained a career with AT&T and after beginning as a lineman he retired as an Executive with over 30 years service.
As the NY Executive Officer, Dad Sardone continually builds a team that is passionate, dedicated and devoted to assisting the young men who join DeMolay. Leadership, Brotherhood and Friendship are some of our core values that build on our 7 Cardinal Virtues.

Dad Craig Henderson
 Craig Henderson


Dad Henderson is a Senior DeMolay from Robert R Livingston Chapter in Hudson, NY and also from Englewood Chapter in Englewood Ohio where he joined DeMolay in 1980.
He is a PMC and served New York DeMolay as Four Rivers Region Master Councilor from 1986-87. His DeMolay honors include Chevalier, Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award, Cross of Honor, Active Legion of Honor and Guild of the Leather Apron. He serves Franklin Delano Roosevelt Chapter in Pleasant Valley New York as their Chairman of the Advisory Council. He is a founding member of the Hudson Valley Court of Chevaliers and is also a past Dean of the Eastern Preceptory, DeMolay Legion of Honor.
He is a Past Master of Widow’s Son Lodge #335 and also of Hudson Widow’s Son Lodge #7 F & AM and is also a member of Scottish Rite. He recently has been appointed by Grand Lodge to be chairman of the newly formed Masonic Youth Groups Sub-Committee of the Grand Lodge Youth committee.
He currently serves New York DeMolay as the Deputy Executive Officer and is an Active Member of DeMolay International.

Dad Frank Rice
 Frank Rice


Dad Rice is a Senior DeMolay of Clifton Chapter in Clifton, NJ where he joined on November 2, 1964. As an Advisor of his Chapter, he was elected and served as the “Dad” Advisor for many years before assuming leadership as the Advisory Council Chairman. Dad Rice became a certified Master Trainer of Advisors and joined the NJ State Staff as the Director of Advisor Recruitment and Training. His responsibilities quickly expanded to include Chapter Development and Assistant Executive Officer. Dad Rice’s DeMolay Honors include the Lamp of Knowledge, Chevalier, Legion of Honor, Cross of Honor, and Guild of the Leather Apron. In 2001, Dad Rice became a Deputy member of DeMolay International and in 2004 an Active member, and is a Life Member of the DeMolay International Alumni Association. Dad Rice has served on the Key Man Staff in Pennsylvania, the New Jersey Leadership Camp staff, and the New Jersey State Convention Committee. In 2004, Dad Rice relocated to New York State and became part of the Advisor Training staff as well as founding the new Chapter of Dolgeville, where he remains a current Chapter Advisor.. He became a member of the Hudson Valley Court of Chevalier’s, the Eastern Preceptory DeMolay Legion of Honor, and the Yahnundahsis Preceptory DeMolay Legion of Honor. Dad Rice is a member of Clifton Lodge #203 in Clifton, NJ, Dolgeville Lodge #796 in Dolgeville, NY serving a Tyler, Valley of Northern NJ Scottish Rite, Valley of Utica Scottish Rite, Ziyara Shrine, Valley Shrine Club, Grand & Glorious Order of Hillbillys Clan #177, Doric Chapter #193 of Royal Arch Masons, and Rotica Council #12 of Crytic Masons.

Dad Jeff McMorris
 Jeff McMorris


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Dad Bruce Brandt
Bruce Brandt


Dad Brandt joined Wantagh Chapter #1986 in May of 1968 and served as Master Councilor from March to October in 1973. He received the Degree of Chevalier in 1975 and served Metro Region as Nassau Section Deputy Regioin Master Councilor from 1974-75 and as Region Program Director from 1975-76.
He became an Advisor of Wantagh Chapter in 1976 and was appointed Nassau Section Dad from 1976-78. Dad Brandt has held every position as an Advisor for this chapter from Chairman to Chapter Dad. In 1984 he received the Cross of Honor and in 1998 received the Legion of Honor. He was one of the founding members of the Metropolitan Court of Chevaliers. He currently serves DeMolay as Chapter Dad for Wantagh Chapter and Region Governor for the Metropolitan Region.
Dad Brandt is also a member of Wantagh Morton Lodge #63 and served as Worshipful Master 1992-93 and again 2002-03. He was appointed Assistant Grand Lecturer 2008-10 for the First Nassau Masonic District and has served as the Youth Chairman for the district as well.
As Metropolitan Region Governor he has worked with the Metro Executive Committee and the Chapter Dads in the region to have many successful events and promote growth.


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